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Engineered Flooring

Why go for engineered flooring? What makes it unique? The word “engineered” simply refers to the way in which the flooring is made. There are many advantages to choosing an engineered product over a carpet flooring or other solid product. First off, it's specially designed and crafted to be as effective as a flooring as it can be.

If you want the perks of hardwood flooring but want it to be more durable and versatile, then engineered flooring is just what you need. Engineered flooring is all wood layered to create a beautiful veneer that accents your home. Hardwood floors have a reputation as being very strong and sturdy, well engineered floors are even stronger!

With engineered flooring, you get to choose from a wide variety of surfaces, designs, types, and finishes similar to that of standard hardwood flooring planks. It looks as good as any Hardwood flooring that you can imagine. It can turn your home from simple to fabulous. It's amazing how much such a seemingly small change can change the feeling and appearance of your entire home.

If you want the classic oak wood look, you can achieve that by using engineered floors. If you want a more exotic look for your home, such as rosewood, you can have that too. Using engineered flooring is an excellent choice and is eco-friendly as well. Burch Brothers offers many kinds of engineered floors, all creating a different effect and suitable for individual purposes.

Among other reasons

You probably know by now the general characteristics of engineered floorings. Because it is pure wood, it has the look, the feel and will have all of the other characteristics of hardwood floors. You can count on it to last you a long time in your home, and if it ever does start to degrade or show it's age at all, refinishing & resurfacing is always an option! Wooden floors are unique in their durability, a nice hardwood floor can last longer than you!

Engineered planks from closeout sales will most likely have very thin veneer tops giving you little wood to work with and refinishing those types will only reveal the layered whitewood below the veneer. Once you're down that low, you're out of luck. You really do want to get brand new flooring regardless of the material you're looking into. Generally it is good to look for a good value and try to save some money, but their are some things that just need to be purchased new. Flooring is one of those things, no doubt.

Short Term and Long Term Savings

Another huge advantage of using engineered solutions for your floor is the cost. When you are only using the top veneer of expensive wood, you’ll get a much better price than using solid hardwood planks of the same species of wood. You’ll be doing the environment a favor and as well as your pocket, you can't beat that.

Engineered floors can be a long term investment. If you are planning to buy a house it is best to spend some extra cash in getting good quality engineered flooring. You'll thank yourself down the road when you've had the same floors for years and years with no worries, just there looking good. If you go with a lower quality flooring material you could find yourself having to spend a lot of money to refinish or even replace it in a relatively short amount of time. You'll find yourself eating through the money you saved and more quickly at that rate. Get something that'll last you for a long time, spend that extra little bit of money. We promise it'll be worth it.